2008 July | Grace Elizabeth Campbell

Grace Elizabeth Campbell

Follow up to Grace Enjoys a Bath

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Grace Enjoys A Bath

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More Tummy Time With Grace

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Tummy Time With Grace

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Grace is ticklish

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Birth Announcement

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Grace's birth story

It’s starting to come back to me now. I went into the hospital at 6:00 am on Tuesday June 24th for a scheduled induction. By 6:15 am Teddy & I couldn’t believe that we were in the birthing suite already and they started my IV and Pitocin. Still 2 cm and 90% effaced Dr. I came in and broken my water around 7:50 am. I started having mild contractions about 5 minutes apart around 8:10 am. I was 3 cm at 9:30. I was 5-6 cm around 11:30 and I tried changing positions and moved from the bed to a rocker and this helped a lot for the next 30 minutes to an hour.

As the contractions became more intense I asked for something for pain and the nurse asked if I wanted to try a IV drug first. I agreed because I knew once I got the epidural I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. It felt good to stand and sway around this time with the contractions about 2 minutes apart. Well I should have known better because I don’t tolerate pain medications well. I am very sensitive and I swear I need like 1/4 of what most people get. She pushed the drug in the IV saying I would be feeling drowsy very quickly. Oh man I was sick from it. The room was spinning and I was rambling on & on and she seemed shocked because it was such a small dose. She quickly flushed it out for me and after it wore off the contractions were the strongest ever and on top of each other.

I asked for the epidural and I got it by 1:30 pm and it went very well and didn’t feel sick at all. The anesthesiologist was wonderful moving very slow explaining everything to me as he was doing it and what I would feel. The worse part of the epi is the local that burns to numb you in my opinion. I was able to get some sleep off and on as the nurse remembered me to try and save my energy for the pushing. Around 5:30 pm I was 9 cm and by 6:00 pm I was 10.���������� Dr. I was called in and I started pushing around 6:30.

I was so excited at this point and completely out of pain since the epi had been wonderful from start to finish. With Teddy on one side and the nurse on the other holding my legs Grace’s head began to crown and my Teddy and mom were thrilled. I decided before I went into the hospital that I didn’t want a mirror or to look because I thought it would freak me out. Teddy said to me “You wanna see this. It’s amazing!” So I looked and it wasn’t that bad. My mom also was in the room and started to cry as she was telling me she could see her hair. The pushing got easier as it went on. I felt like I knew how to push more after each one. Still very numb the Dr I said to try pushing my fingers out or picturing that and it worked great. With 8-10 pushes she was out and I was grateful to see my beautiful little girl! I balled like baby with her first cry and was so happy to see my Teddy & Mom both crying. It was truly amazing! Grace was born on Tuesday June 24th at 7:02 pm 8 lbs 3 oz. an 20 1/2 inches long with an Apgar score of 9/9.

I’ve had 2 different “meltdowns” so far. First one in the hospital on the second night she had a very fussy few hours and we couldn’t help her. The nurses offered to take her so we could sleep and I refused then and gave in about 30 minutes after that. I started to cry with that stupid guilt thinking “Why can’t I fix it?” The nurses were great and explained the first 48 hours can be this way as their digestive tract is working for the first time and its quite common. I slept for 2 hours then around 6 am walked down to the nursery and they had about 4 babies there all with same issues. Grace was sleeping soundly and they told me the hold them only til 7 am so I went back to bed. My second meltdown has been trying to fall asleep for the first 4 nights and day I would jerk myself awake. I finally crashed and got over it by Friday night 6/27 and was just exhausted. It was like I had to teach myself how to relax and fall asleep again at all different hours of the day and night. Teddy & my mom again got me through it just like they do for everything.

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4th of July pictures

Just wanted to make it easy for everyone to find the 4th of July outfit pictures


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